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Art, Entertainment & Business Magazine - Established in 2005

The magazine was founded in 2005 by Film Producer Daria Trifu who is also its Editor-in-Chief. The first cover of the annual magazine was shot and produced by Film Director Bruno Pischiutta and it features Daria Trifu in a pose reminiscent Degas' famed The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer sculpture.

Daria! is an art, entertainment & business magazine; the only magazine that has a black cover while the actual cover is placed on the inside. The look of Daria! combines that of Vanity Fair and of National Geographic. Most of what is published in Daria!, could not be read anywhere else before. The aim of Daria! is to influence the opinion of those who have power, desire and will to change the world for the better by engaging them on the topics, the people and the films featured on its pages.

Daria! is distributed at high class events, luxury clubs, hotels and film festivals worldwide. It has been distributed during private events in Monte Carlo (Jockey Club - The Fairmont Hotel), in New York City (The Friars Club), in Montreal (International Film Festival), in Los Angeles (The Fairmont Hotel during The American Film Market), in Brasov - a resort city located in Romania, a few kilometers from the famous Dracula Castle - (Brasov International Film Festival & Market), in Last Vegas, in Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) and more. It is also mailed to top film executives and journalist around the world. 

In addition to its printed version, the magazine is available on-line.

Since 2012, Daria! has been publishing a Special Edition dedicated to the Brasov International Film Festival & Market, the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world.

What follows are some of the published issues of Daria! throughout the years:

Daria! Magazine 2017
Highlights from the magazine include the exclusive interviews with Hollywood film producer Jamee Natella who is also gracing the cover of the magazine, and with Iranian film director Kazem Mollaie. In this issue, there are also many more articles about the films and the filmmakers who are participating at this year’s Brasov Int’l Film Festival & Market between September 14 and 24.

Daria! magazine can be read here:


Daria! Magazine 2016
(This issue is dedicated to the 5th edition of Brasov International Film Festival & Market that, for the first time, is held exclusively on-line on its VOD channel on Vimeo)

Daria! Magazine 2015
(This issue celebrates the 10th anniversary of Daria!)
Magazine Cover credits:
Photography and production by Bruno Pischiutta

Daria! Magazine 2014
(English/Romanian bilingual issue)
Magazine Cover credits:
Photography and production by Bruno Pischiutta
(English/Romanian bilingual issue)
Magazine Cover credits:
Photography and production by Bruno Pischiutta
(Special Issue celebrating Social Entrepreneurship)
The Cover (see above) features Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett

The Magazine is published by Adhara Properties Inc. and it is financed by Global Film Studio Inc.

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Books, Articles

Global Publishing can produce books and articles on films and other subjects. In particular, Global Publishing intends to publish the screenplays of Global Film Studio's most successful films.


Global Publishing produces the DVDs of Global Film Studio's films, documentaries and media content in English and in other languages. Right now, Global Publishing is producing a DVD set of Bruno Pischiutta's International Film Workshops program that was held by Pischiutta in Brasov, Romania for three consecutive years (2012 - 2014). The Workshops were filmed resulting in over 30 hours of footage. The DVD set will be available for purchase worldwide.

The Workshops address four main disciplines of the film industry: film acting, film directing, film producing and film writing. The International Film Workshops program is an exceptional work, unique in the world, and it constitute a very important help for talents who start a film career.


Global Publishing can also produce an unlimited number of posters and distribute them worldwide. Global Publishing has been producing posters for Global Film Studio's films and its Brasov International Film Festivals & Market.

Here are some previous examples: