Global Film Studio Inc. Divisions

Global Film Distribution

Global Film Distribution, a Division of Global Film Studio Inc., distributes the Company's in-house film productions, as well as assists independent film producers in releasing their films to a worldwide audience.

Photo Caption: The Lineup of the 2016 edition of Brasov International Film Festival & Market being represented by the posters of each one of the participating films.
The Company owns and organizes the Brasov International Film Festival & Market, the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world, since 2012. As a result, outside of its in-house productions, Global Film Distribution now has an upper hand in scouting the best of international talent and film content on a constant basis.

Bruno Pischiutta, Film Director and Executive in Charge of Global Film Distribution, had this to say:

“Our mission is to give the possibility of world distribution, in every media and market window, to nonviolent and high quality films produced in different countries. We believe that producers often participate in festivals in the hope that a distributor sees the film and picks it up. Why not to avoid a number of steps and make it so that, in many cases, the company that owns the film festival distributes their films itself and creates a one stop shop?” 

“In addition to seven completed feature films that are already part of our catalogue and five more that have been recently commissioned, we believe that we are well on our way of creating a relevant and high quality Library of Films that can be of interest to the major Hollywood Film Studios and film distributions worldwide.” – Daria Trifu, Executive Producer and President and C.E.O. of Global Film Studio Inc.

“We have been working to create this distribution Division for five years and we have very serious and concrete contacts with sub-distributors in every Continent.” – Elio Dell’Unto, Film Producer and Manager of Global Film Distribution.

Global Film Studio will launch its Distribution VOD channel on Vimeo where all the films of its catalogue will be showcased. When possible, Global Film Distribution will also act in every other media window such as cinema, TV, DVD, cable and institutional worldwide. 

The Division will take care of the promotional and distribution expenses for the films it represents and will keep a percentage of the income of the movies.

Producers and sub-distributors are now welcome to contact Global Film Distribution if they have completed films that are seeking distribution or, if they are looking for new content.

The Executive in Charge of this Division is Mr. Bruno Pischiutta, Chairman of the Board of Global Film Studio Inc.