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Film Academies, Film Centers

Global Film Studio Inc. creates Film Academies and Film Centers that offer training courses in several areas of production (acting, directing, producing and writing) to young filmmakers. Global Film Studio’s executive team members come from a long history of creating and running film teaching programs.

Few examples:

In early 2000, Mr. Pischiutta held his International Film Workshops program in Toronto, Canada for three consecutive years. Daria Trifu was a student of his 2000 Workshops; following the program she went on to become a successful film producer. 

In 2005, Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu created a film training program in West Africa. They opened the Toronto Pictures Film Academy of Ghana and they financed it for over two years. Consequentially, 150 young talented filmmakers were trained during that time and, today, the Academy continues operations and it self-sustains its costs by producing in-house films that are subsequently sold worldwide. Over 70 percent of all talents trained at the Academy have been employed by production companies, TV stations and radio networks in West Africa and beyond. Additionally, most of these talents have been employed and they have worked on the set of Pischiutta's production of the professional, 35 mm, Hollywood standard feature film “Punctured Hope”.

Between 2012 and 2014, Pischiutta and Trifu organized the International Film Workshops program in Brasov, Romania.

Some of the notable young talents who have participated in the Workshops over the years and who went on to follow successful careers include actors Christina Macris, Ruffy Quansah, Belinda Siamey, Andrei Neamtu, Sophia Gilberto and Denisa Barvon.

Film Workshops

The International Film Workshops program is taught by Film Director Bruno Pischiutta, Chairman of the Board of Global Film Studio Inc. 

The Workshops address four main disciplines of the film industry: film acting, film directing, film producing and film writing. The International Film Workshops program is an exceptional work, unique in the world, and it constitute a very important help for talents starting a film career.

Mr. Pischiutta has run his Workshops program for over 25 years throughout the world such as in Toronto, Canada, in Accra, Ghana and in Brasov, Romania.

Under the umbrella of Global Film Studio Inc., Mr. Pischiutta held the International Film Workshops program in Brasov, Romania for three consecutive years (2012, 2013 and 2014). 

The Workshops program in Romania was so successful that it actually attracted participants from several countries such as Germany, Serbia, Russia, South Africa, Canada, Cuba and even from the United States. These workshops have been filmed and the shooting amounts to over 30 hours of footage. Global Film Studio is producing and it will release a complete DVD set of the program which will be available for purchase worldwide.

At present, Bruno Pischiutta is teaching the workshops on a one-to-one basis to special film talents who are on their way to stardom. He may be available to hold public workshops on request.

As a memoire, here are two of the TV commercials that have run on Romanian TV between 2012 - 2014: